Face Positive


Through the #MUMIFACEPOSITIVE campaign, MUMI Cosmetics wants to promote original beauty, the one with imperfections, because these are the elements of extraordinary uniqueness. MUMI Cosmetics believes that makeup must not conceal but highlight and value all that is peculiar, allowing you to express yourself through colours and personal style.
To all participants of this campaign we ask to be themselves in telling a story in which, what had always been experienced as a flaw, was then turned into a very personal strength.


Laura Brioschi
Laura Brioschi

Hello, I am Laura.

I am thirty years old and I have been a curvy model for the last eight.

I decided to write for you who are beautiful and, sometimes, you forget it; for you who fight with your weight since always, be it for many or a few lbs.

And also for myself, who am just like you.

I write for you, a size 28, who see a little bit of a belly and hips:

wear that pencil skirt and just worry about smiling!

I write for you, size 36, who just don’t want to dress like and old lady, but want to feel sexy, rock, chic, funny and want to express it.
I write for you, who thought that if you went from 130 lbs to 110 lbs you would have had a different life.

For you, who when you weighed 180 lbs you smiled, but then they told you that when you weighed 140 lbs you looked better, and thus led you into thinking that you were not suitable for the people around you any longer, and that made you weak and uncertain.

I write to Myself not to hurt me any longer, neither with crazy diets nor binge-eating to fulfil a void that does not originate from hunger.

I write to look for a balance that I hope I will be able to convey to You too.

Curvy is beautiful!

Curvy is not a Crime.