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Metallic Long Lasting Lip Paint


It’s a fluid lip paint, with a full, metallic finishing, that will dress your lips in just one application, with a glam, futuristic look. Long-lasting and dries in seconds thanks to its incredibly light and fine texture. Neem-, sesame- and incense oils grant total protection of the lips and keep them elastic and soft. Available in five shades:
Sparkly Peach, Shiny Rose, Velvet Copper, Flash Flamingo, Shimmer Coral.

Metallic Long Lasting Lip Paint will give to your lips a metallic finishing with a futuristic and glamorous look, maintaining them soft and safe.

Active Ingredients

Neem Oil, used in ayurvedic medicine, it is a strong natural antibacterial with moisturizing and regenerating properties, stimulates cell turnover.
Sesame Oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, contains strong natural antioxidants.
Incense Oil, its tonifying action stimulates skin firming.


Metallic Long Lasting Lip Paint, made with pure pigments, contains no perfume, parabens, D5 or talc.

How to Use

For the best result, apply the lip paint with brush from the centre of the upper lip to the outer corners. On the lower lip start from the outer corners towards the centre.

  • 01 Sparkly Peach
  • 02 Shiny Rose
  • 03 Velvet Copper
  • 04 Shimmer Coral
  • 05 Flash Flamingo
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01 Sparkly Peach, 02 Shiny Rose, 03 Velvet Copper, 04 Shimmer Coral, 05 Flash Flamingo